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Fujian Tietuo Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Address: Tangxi Industrial District of Luojiang,Quanzhou City,Fujian Province,China.
Tel: +86-595-22091687
Contact person: Cindy Yang
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Our production facility span across 36000 square meters. This modern installation has over 200 performance machines and complete sets of testing instruments. It is considered the national production hub for small and medium size Asphalt Mixing Plant and RAP Hot Recycling Plant.

We utilize advanced automated welding technology for the smoother welding of machine components.

The automatic cutting machine can slice metal plates with high precision.

The plate shearing machine has an optimal blade gap, achieved via a moving upper blade utilized in combination with a fixed lower blade. This method allows for the accurate separation of steel plates.

A mobile chassis structure allows for convenient transportation and installation.

Based on client specifications, the jumbo asphalt mixer can satisfy a variety of road maintenance and construction needs. The machine implements a modular design for the purpose of easy transportation and installation. Energy efficient and environmental friendly, this machine will reduce overall production costs.

In order to provide mixing machinery with fully automated centralized control systems, we have imported superior components from well known brands such as Siemens, Omron, and Schneider.