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The GLB series asphalt mixing plant is suitable for various construction projects. We haved established environment protection concepts according to the European standards in order to achieve acceptable levels of dust, acid and noise emission. Wherever we go, our facilities are always in green harmony with the surrounding environment.

The feeding belt is designed with baffles,which makes material feeding system steady and smooth.

The burner is engineered with state-of-the-art flame control technology. We utilize a low pressure oil feed technique in combination with frequency calibration of the fan an d oil pump to efficiently consume diesel and heavy oil while significantly increasing oil pump service life.

The optimized flights structure of the drying drum enables a more effective and stable drying system.

Dual-stage dust removal system and negative pressure dustproof design make our asphalt mixing plant ecofriendly and economical.

The hot elevator adopts the Gall’s chain for hoisting,which not only prolongs the service life of the hoisting mechanism but also improves the operation stability.

The linear-mode screen driven by imported vibrator improves the screening efficiency while reducing the possibility of plant failure.

Our powerful mixer and unique designed paddles make for more effective and reliable mixing operation.

Large capacity of the finished product silo offers operational freedom.It is ideal for various engineering and construction needs.

The computer-controlled system can be toggled between auto/manual modes.In addition, the automatic self-diagnosis program enables safe and reliable operations.

The modular design allows the plants to be easily transported by standard equipment and rapidly deployed with onsite installation. The RAP interface is reserved for upgrade of hot RAP facilities.

TTM is proudly rooted in China. A pragmatic corporate stance steadily guides us toward globalization.